Biochem Congress Organizing Committee

Richard Gatti

University of California, Los Angeles

Biography: Richard Gatti is a molecular biologist and geneticist who joined the U ReadMore...

Research Interest: Molecular Genetics, Diagnostics, Radiobiology, a progressive ReadMore...

Orkid Coskuner-Weber

Assistant Professor
Turkısh-German University

Biography: Orkid Coskuner-Weber completed her PhD studies in biophysics and physi ReadMore...

Research Interest: Biophysics, Physical chemistry

Stefan Zielonka

Senior Scientist
Merck KGaA (EMD Serono)

Biography: Stefan Zielonka has received his PhD from the Technische Universitaet ReadMore...

Research Interest: Protein Engineering, Antibodies, Biotechnology, Biochemistry

Hamid Mirzaei

Assistant Professor
University of Texas Southwestern

Biography: Dr. Mirzaei’s research is focused on finding the target of novel and ReadMore...

Research Interest: Biochemistry, Proteomics, Computational biology

Segundo Mesa Castillo

Faculty of Scientific Board
Psychiatric Hospital of Havana

Biography: Segundo Mesa Castillo. As Specialist in Neurology, he worked for 10 ye ReadMore...

Research Interest: Nervous System Study

Ricardo Bonfim Silva

Faculty of Medicine of Ribeirão Preto
University in Ribeirão Preto

Biography: Dr. Ricardo Bonfim Silva is Bachelor in Biological Science with emphas ReadMore...

Research Interest: Molecular and cellular Oncology; Tumor Microenvironment; Lon ReadMore...

Alfredo Berzal-Herranz

Senior Research Scientist, Group Leader
Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)

Biography: Alfredo Berzal-Herranz has completed his PhD at the age of 25 years fr ReadMore...

Research Interest: RNA, Biomedicine, Parasitology

Iftikhar Ahmed

Hon. Senior Clinical Lecturer
University of Southampton
United Kingdom

Biography: Dr Ahmed is a consultant Gastroenterology at University Hospital South ReadMore...

Research Interest: Metabolomics, Gastroenterology

Jaleel K Ahmed

University of Babylon

Biography: Jaleel Kareem Ahmed has expertise in evaluation in iron and steel indu ReadMore...

Research Interest:

Muhammad Usman

Former Director General
Agricultural Research System

Biography: Mr. Muhammad Usman, Former Director General of Agricultural Research S ReadMore...

Research Interest:

Jade K Forwood

Charles Sturt University

Biography: Prof Forwood completed a BBiomedSc. (Hons I) at James Cook University ReadMore...

Research Interest:

Farid Menaa

International Consulting Healthcare and Biosystems Expert

Paris, France

Biography: Dr. Farid Menaa (PhD, MBA, MD candidate) is an internationally inter- ReadMore...

Research Interest:

Alexander A Kamnev

Professor, DSc
Russian Academy of Sciences
Saratov, Russia

Biography: Professor Alexander A. Kamnev, DSc in physical chemistry, is a Leading ReadMore...

Research Interest:

Denes Joo

Architecture and Urbanist


Biography: Denes Joo, after the Architecture and Urbanism University in Bucharest ReadMore...

Research Interest:

Abbas Amini

Assistant Professor
Western Sydney University

Biography: Dr Abbas Amini is an assistant professor at Western Sydney University, ReadMore...

Research Interest: Bionanotech

Rizwan Hasan Khan

Interdisciplinary Biotechnology Unit

Biography: Prof. Rizwan Hasan Khan has received his Ph.D. in Biotechnology from A ReadMore...

Research Interest: Biochemistry, Interdisciplinary Biotechnology

Sidney Hecht

Director,ASU’s Biodesign Institute
Arizona State University

Biography: Sidney Hecht obtained his Ph.D. in Chemistry at the University of Illi ReadMore...

Research Interest: Organic, biochemistry

Klaus D. Linse

Director of Scientific Operations
Biosynthesis Inc.

Biography: Dr. Klaus D. Linse has earned a Ph.D. in Cell Biology/Biochemistry at ReadMore...

Research Interest: Modern bio-analytical techniques and methods to study the bi ReadMore...

Moses Prabu

Director of Research Compliance Office
Middle Tennessee State University

Biography: Dr. Moses Prabu completed his bachelors in Physics from The American C ReadMore...

Research Interest: Dr. Prabu’s research spans highly diverse fields that brid ReadMore...

Subha Bhassu

Associate Professor
University of Malaya

Biography: Subha Bhassu completed her graduation BSc. (Biomedical Sciences) in th ReadMore...

Research Interest: Dr. Subha Bhassu keen interest is on the animal genome an ReadMore...

Hanee M. Al-Dmoor

Head of Nutrition & Food Processing Department and Director of Scientific Food Center & Scientific Facts Center
Al-Balqa Applied University

Biography: Hanee M. Al-Dmoor, Prof. of Food Science and Technology at Nutrition a ReadMore...

Research Interest: Food allergen Olive oil Aflatoxins occurrence , detecti ReadMore...

Ossama Mohamed Mahmoud Sayed

Assistant Professor
Beni Suef Univeristy

Biography: 10 years of experience as a teaching assisstant and researcher. Compre ReadMore...

Research Interest: Skin and transmucosal drug delivery

Yajnavalka Banerjee

Associate Professor of Biochemistry
Dubai Healthcare City

Biography: Dr. Yaj Banerjee was awarded his PhD by The National University of Sin ReadMore...

Research Interest: Biochemistry

Poitr Laidler

Vice Rector
Jagiellonian University

Biography: Professor Piotr Laidler is a Polish scientist who lives and works in K ReadMore...

Research Interest: For years Professor Laidler’s research interests focused o ReadMore...

Kali Makedou

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Biography: Makedou Kali has a PhD on LDL oxidation and cardiovascular disease pr ReadMore...

Research Interest: Kali Makedou research has been focusing on biomarkers of ath ReadMore...

Yau-Huei Wei

Mackay Medical College

Biography: Dr. Yau-Huei Wei completed his PhD in Biochemistry in 1980 at the Dep ReadMore...

Research Interest: Dr. Wei have been studying the role of alterations of mitoch ReadMore...